School of Foreign Languages

Learning Management System

The road to achieve intended learning objectives starts with the correct platform…

Learning Management System (LMS) supports members of the Foreign Language Preparatory Programme via the new virtual learning environment Moodle. By using modern educational sources with LMS, in-class language learning can be taken outside the classroom environment and accessed 7/24. You can access the Moodle system using this link: . On your first login, you can use your student number as your user name and “beykent" as your password. 

Online education platforms offered in to addition Moodle both encourage learning outside the campus and allow you to continue learning wherever and whenever you want. These platforms enable you to complete a number of tasks online, get instant feedback, monitor your learning process and improve yourselves with the guidance of your instructors. One of the key factors in students’ success is guiding students according to their special needs by assessing learning outcomes frequently and identifying their strengths and weaknesses.