School of Foreign Languages

Russian Preparatory Programme

Students who have enrolled at Istanbul Beykent University’s Russian-medium programme Translation and Interpreting in Russian are required to take the Russian Placement Test before they start their undergraduate education. Those who pass this test with B2 Level become eligible to directly proceed to the Department of Translation and Interpreting in Russian. Students who get a score below B2 Level in the test, however, attend the Russian Preparatory Programme for an academic year to achieve language proficiency. In the Russian Preparatory Programme, there are two semesters, i.e. Fall Term and Spring Term, and for quizzes, one midterm, and a final exam in each semester.

Istanbul Beykent University’s Russian Preparatory Programme adopts the curriculum prepared and used by universities in the Russian Federation for international students. Students beginning to learn Russian from the Beginner level are mostly taught by instructors who are native speaker of the Russian language and are specialised in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Istanbul Beykent University’s Russian Preparatory Programme aims to enable students to achieve the CEFR B2 Level by equipping them with writing, reading, listening, comprehension, and speaking skills as well as use of Russian and grammar skills. 

Lect. İsmail Özçelik

Head of Russian Preparatory Programme