School of Foreign Languages

Placement Test

Students take the placement test on the dates announced in the academic calendar.

The Placement Test is required in order for you to be placed in appropriate level groups. Therefore as a newly registered student who is required to attend Compulsory Preparatory Classes, you need to take the Placement Test on the dates announced in the academic calendar. Those who do not sit for the Placement Test are placed in the lowest level group available in the Foreign Language Preparatory Programme. Those students do not have the right to object to their level groups or request to take the test later.

The Placement Test selected according to the learning objectives of CEFR and GSE has been provided by international third party suppliers. Both the process and the application of the test are audited by the third parties nationally and/or internationally authorised in foreign language learning. In order to be exempted from the Preparatory Programme, first you need to achieve a score in the Placement Test which is equivalent to B1+ level, and then obtain the required score in BULET, which is prepared depending on the language level required for the programme you have enrolled in. If you fail to meet the exemption criteria, you will be placed in classes according to your Placement Test score.