English Language Support Programme
School of Foreign Languages

English Language Support Programme

English Langauge Support Programme within the School of Foreign Languages has been founded to offer academic English language education to undergraduate students from all the faculties of Beykent Univeristy. As of Academic Year 2011 – 2012, English Language Support Programme has been offering education for 39 undergraduate programmes and 3 distance education programmes in 6 different faculties.

Aim of the English Language Support Programme:

Considering the requirements of our times, extensive studies and/or research are a must for academic studies and later academic career. Thus, it is significantly important to know a foreign language in addition to one’s mother tongue. The English Language Support Programme works to enable the students of Beykent to achieve the language skills required for academic success. To this end, the Programme strives to enable the students to improve language skills they will need for academic studies and in their professional lives by teaching undergraduate students English at various levels. 

Course Plan

In the English Language Support Programme, courses are taught in accordance with a syllabus targeting reading-writing and listening-speaking skills. In order to reach the learning objectives, course videos and mateirals prepared based on the course content are shared on LMS (pusula.beykent.edu.tr) throughout the academic term.

Lect. Türkan ERGİN

Head of English Language Support Programme