School of Foreign Languages

Testing And Assessment

An important factor in students’ success is learning the target language in suitable level groups with educational resources appropriate for their skill levels. Therefore, the language education starts in level groups formed according to students’ Placement Test scores obtained at the beginning of the academic year, and continues with the assessment of all language skills throughout 5 Modules / 1 Academic Year.

Testing and Assessment tools and methods in the School of Foreign Languages may vary in some aspects. The exams, prepared by the Testing and Assessment Unit and/or provided by international third parties, may be written, oral, and/or a combination of them, and the delivery method may be paper-based, computer-based, and/or internet-based. Scheduled quizzes are used to assess and monitor students’ progress in language skills throughout the academic year. In addition, at the end of each module/term End of Module/Term Exams are conducted to assess students’ success and to determine whether they meet the criteria and have the required competence to continue to the next level. Those who have successfully completed the language level required by the undergraduate/associate programme they have enrolled in are entitled to sit for BULET (Beykent University Language Exemption Test). If they score 60 or above in BULET, they will be eligible to start their department. On the other hand, those who score below 60 will be placed in “Proficiency” classes in order to study for the next BULET.